About Us

Founded in 1910 the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Regina Centre is one of 29 Astronomy Centres located throughout Canada with a total membership of 4,500 individuals. Regina is one our nations oldest astronomy groups and, as we approach 100 members, the fastest growing! Although based in Regina many members reside throughout Saskatchewan from Yorkton to Maple Creek and some half-way around the world.

Regina Centre Council - 2018-2019

  • President: Vance Petriew
  • Vice President: Mark Meadows
  • Treasurer: Greg Swanson
  • Secretary: Denis Pilon
  • National Representative: Peter Hagar
  • Councillor: Paul Meyer
  • Councillor: Ken Luciak
  • Councillor: Fred Cawsey
  • Past President: Pierre Schierle

Regina Centre Committee Leaders:

  • Davin Observing Site: Volunteer Opportunity!
  • Librarian: Volunteer Opportunity!
  • Kalium Observatory: Ron Haughey 
  • Equipment: Ron Haughey
  • Public Education: Volunteer Opportunity!
  • Web Site: Shane Ludtke
  • Newsletter Editor: Volunteer Opportunity 

 Our Mandate

The mandate of the RASC is to:

  1. Stimulate interest and to promote and increase knowledge in astronomy and related sciences
  2. Acquire and maintain equipment, libraries, and other property necessary for the pursuit of its aims
  3. Publish journals, books, and other material containing information on the progress of astronomy and the work of the Society
  4. Receive and administer gifts, donations, and bequests from members of the Society and others
  5. Make contributions and render assistance to individuals and institutions engaged in the study and advancement of astronomy