Monthly Meetings

  • Posted on: 2 January 2018
  • By: Sludtke

The Regina centre organizes monthly presentations on the first friday of every month (with the exception of July and August) that are open to the public. Admission is free. Due to COVID-19 we are unable to hold our monthly meetings in the Science Centre Theatre. As a result, the meetings will be held via Zoom. The meetings are open to the public but for security reasons we are not publishing the Zoom meeting link. If you would like to attend please request the link using the contact form here a few days before the meeting.

Skynews Magazine

  • Posted on: 19 November 2016
  • By: Sludtke

SkyNews, the Canadian magazine of astronomy and stargazing, is our guide to observing the night sky. Each issue provides a seasonal star chart, stunning celestial photos, expert equipment advice, and the latest developments in the world of astronomy. SkyNews is for active stargazers and is the only way to reach the entire amateur astronomy and astro-photography market in Canada. More information can be found at


In alignment with the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the Kalium Observatory is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to monitor the situation. Please click here for more information.